Hello, Page Creation! Oh, and hello Update, too.

The long awaited Page Create and Update endpoints arrived! Without making a big fuss about it, just head over to the examples to check it out! Please note that not all properties can be modified by the API, as they are provided by Notion itself, for example CreatedBy, CreatedTime, Files, Formula and so on - we hope that this will be possible in one of the next releases.

Breaking changes

Visibility of method Notion::setToken()

The visibility of Notion::setToken() has changed to private. The usage of this method is now internal only. Set your Notion token either in your .env file (NOTION_API_TOKEN) to use the Notion facade:

$database = Notion::databases()->find($databaseId);

Or provide the token in the constructor if you want a dedicated instance:

$notion = new Notion('secret_*');


Nothing to fix in this release. Found a bug? Head over to our issue tracker!