v0.6.2: Patch Release

Removed union types in method parameters (temporarily for PHP 7.4 support) and replaced them with corresponding type check (#51)

Changed Eloquent Collection Import to Support Collection (#50)

Added StyleCI

Added PHP 8.1 and PHP 7.4 to Workflows

v0.6.1: Patch Release

Implementation for updating Blocks 🔥

Fixed typo in operations (for query)

Fixed type-check issue in property LastEditedType

Removed unnecessary classes

v0.6.0: Block Creation, Query Filters, detailed Database Information and more Block Types

We implemented a new approach for the Filter classes and start with Filter::textFilter and Filter::numberFilter. The other filter types will follow with time. Please have a look in the breaking changes section for more details.

Finally you will be able to create new blocks and append them in Notion. More at ✨Create Blocks.

Furthermore, more detailed database information can be fetched. Icon, cover, title and property-information is provided in the databases endpoint. More at ✨Databases.

And, new block types have been added to the block classes. Check them out in ✨Blocks.

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Breaking changes

  1. The namespace for the Filter and CompoundFilter classes is has changed from FiveamCode\LaravelNotionApi\Query to FiveamCode\LaravelNotionApi\Query\Filters.
  2. With this release we introduce a new approach for the query filters. While not every filter type is implemented yet, we applied the new approach to the existing method Filter::textFilter(). The new method signature is the following: $textFilter = Filter::textFilter("Name", "equals", "Ada Lovelace"); It's more natural to read: Apply a text Filter where Name equals Ada Lovelace. This will be the blueprint for all upcoming filters.


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