🍉 v0.8.0: Bugfixes, Pagination and General Improvements

With this release, we solved major points from our Github issues. Additionally, the handling of Pagination has been improved.

Added/Updated Pages

✨ Pagination
✨ Create Page
✨ Update Page

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Breaking changes

  1. The behaviour of Date::value($date) of the Date Property and $page->setDate($date) of Page::class have been changed. Up until Version v0.7.1, the time of your value has been included automatically. With the Version v0.8.0, the time will be cut of and therefore ignored in Notion. If you explicitly want to include time, you need to use Date::valueWithTime($dateTime) and $page->setDateTime($dateTime).


  1. ✅ Solved Rollup that refers to an empty Select property throws exception during database query.
  2. ✅ Solved Choose wether time is displayed for date property in page
  3. ✅ Solved issue in Pagination: The attribute next_cursor has not been provided as String

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